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The AI Movement 

Transforming Learning

Using Technology to achieve Mastery Learning
Our Story

Our vision is to make education accessible to every student in a cost effective way. We help students and professionals around the world learn faster, better and smarter.

Our Vision

Our mission is to democratise education for everyone. We aim to empower every Education company to become an AI company.  


Our AI powered Adaptive Learning Intelligent system is an education technology that helps students master the content and enable personalised and adaptive learning.

Who are we
How it works

How our AI engine works


Identify & close content gaps

Our AI Engine breaks down course content into a concept-map, identifies and closes gaps using proprietary algorithm.

Understand student persona

Our AI engine analyses student learning behaviour and creates a unique learning profile according to their speed, interests, performance and goals.


Create optimum learning path

Our AI engine generates & provides an optimum learning path for each student based on real time interactions, student persona and subject concept-map.

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